v.0.9.1 has been released

One small bug slipped through, which leads directly to a bugfix release. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have fun with this new version of Wiki2LaTeX.


v.0.9 has been released

It took a bit longer than expected, but here it is: Wiki2LaTeX v.0.9 has finally been released. It fixes several bugs and adds some features. You can read everything in the Version History.

Two technical notes:

  • When updating your existing installation, please note, that two config-values have been renamed. In case you have changed the command called for LaTeX, please update your w2lConfig.php file.
  • As of 0.9 Wiki2LaTeX uses the system tmp-dir. While this works great on Linux, Windows could not be tested. I hope it works as well, but there are no guarantees. Please report any issue regarding this change here or on the issue tracker.

The Way To Wiki2LaTex 1.0

A while ago Wiki2LaTeX 0.8 was released and development hasn’t stopped a bit. W2L 0.9 is not far away featuring some bugfixes and some performance improvements. Maybe the biggest improvement of 0.9 will be the fact that there are now several testcases, which should eliminate regressions which did occur in almost every new version.

After 0.9 there will be some code cleaning and I will revisit images and interwiki links will be supported by W2L 0.10, which should be the last release marked as beta. If nothing goes terribly wrong some further code clean-up and optimizations should be enough to release Wiki2LaTeX 1.0 this summer.

v.0.5 released!

Today a new version of this extension has been released. The big highlight is, that templates and parserfunctions can be nested now, so more complex articles can be converted. Some bugfixes and smaller enhancements made it into this release, too:

  • You can now tell Wiki2LaTeX to generate headings to be used with documentclass book or report.
  • If ‘*’ is the first char of a heading, the appropriate command is placed, so \chapter*{} or \section*{} can be used now.


Welcome to this blog, which is the main source for information concerning the mediawiki-extension Wiki2LaTeX. The pages here are still under construction, and will remain so for the next weeks.

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