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10 Responses to Help

  1. Hongwon Choi says:

    Dear sir.
    I installed the wiki2latex extension in my wiki. I can see the ‘latex’ menu and the export menu page. But when I click the button “start export”, nothing happens. The temporay directory and delete temporary files link works.
    What is the problem, and how can I fix it? please help me?

  2. HaGe says:

    I’m sorry that something is not working for you. Could you tell me something about your browser and your server? Maybe it’s a software problem. Also you could check whether you can export the article to a textarea. That should always work.


  3. Hongwon Choi says:

    Thank for your concern, HaGe.

    In firefox the extension is working.
    But in IE7 the extension is not working.
    The wiki server is composed of apache2, mysql, php5 on Ubuntu 8.04.
    Everything was installed from Ubuntu package.
    Why in IE7 doesn’t nothing happen?

  4. HaGe says:

    Thank you for reporting this issue. It will be fixed in v.0.9 which is to be released in the next few hours.


  5. Christian Illy says:

    Hi HaGe,

    first of all I’ve got to say thanks to you for the work you’ve done here … wiki2latex is a really great extension =)

    I’ve installed this extension on a wiki and I’ve set up a testpage (right now only for tables). Right now I’ve got one really simple table which is not correctly parsed by w2l because I indented each cell in the wiki-code by two blanks. The second table does not work because in the first row I added HTML-attributes to set the colwidth’s. w2l adds \multicolumn-tags in the LaTeX-code. When I remove them compiling works fine in this place.

    Also w2l doesn’t seem to handle CSS. I added a class for tables which sets the background-color of th-fields which is plainly ignored.

    The wikicode and generated files of w2l can be found here:

    Another thingie on the output in the textarea on the result page of w2l->PDF: It didn’t give me any warnings or errors when trying to export the page although the log was full of them. Perhaps there should be some hints in that box if LaTeX gave any errors.


  6. HaGe says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been busy studying, so I had no time to answer. W2L is a bit pickier concerning Wiki-Code, as it does not contain any tidy-functions or something like that. So the Wiki-Code has to be valid to be parsed to LaTeX. My guess would be, that the first table will work fine, if the indentation is removed.

    The second table seems to trigger a wrong behaviour. I think, that it is caused by the width-attributes. I will look into it, as soon as I get to it.


  7. Yarodin says:


    I’m using Aegaeon 2011-02-22 and it works fine – under firefox. But IE8 doesn’t work because it misinterprets the fields of the buttons in the options form.
    IE8 submits the complete text in the button as action instead of the “value” field (“w2lpdf” etc.). So all happens is that Wiki shows a error message that there is an unknown command given.

    Can you fix it? Maybe there is already a fix in subversion? 😉


  8. Yarodin says:

    Btw, I forgot to mention: I’m using ubuntu 10.04, Mediawiki 1.16.2.

  9. HaGe says:

    Hi Yarodin,

    seems like this is the old IE problem again (there was a similar problem in W2L some years ago). I could not reproduce this issue, but I added a file, which I hope eliminates this issue (though it is not a perfect solution but it should work for now:

    Please save this file to your contrib folder of w2l (to a file named ie8.php):

    and add this line to your w2lConfig.php:


    I hope this solves the issue for now. If not, please don’t hesitate to post a comment here.


  10. Joel says:

    I use media wiki to keep our company documentation. Different departments only want documentation for their own department but I need a complete document as well.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Can I export my entire mediawiki data into a single Latex document?
    2. Can I control what pages are exported?


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