Wiki2LaTeX and Mediawiki 1.18

So there seems to be a problem with Wiki2LaTeX and Mediawiki 1.18. If you get this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method SiteStats::admins() in [some path]/extensions/w2l/w2lCore.php on line 556
… please take a look at that very file and either remove it or make this line a comment by adding // to the beginning of line 556.

Result: The only downside of this method is that now the Magic Word {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} will not be working anymore. If this is a dealbreaker, you can check out the corresonding line in the current version of W2lCore.php here and replace the old one. Please don’t replace the whole file with the new one, as that might lead to compatibility-issues.

Sorry for the inconvinience. At the moment I am not able to finish up a new version which fixes this bug. Rest assured, that a new version with some bugfixing and featurework done will be out as soon as possible.


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