A New Wiki2LaTeX Release: Aegaeon: 2011-02-22

Yeah, that’s right: Starting with today Wiki2LaTeX changes its version scheming. Every release is now called by a Saturn Moon and by its release date. The old scheme had its purpose when W2L was in its beta stages. Then again jumping from 0.11 to 0.12 seemed odd and a jump to 1.0 would have been too much. So it felt natural to call it like a moon of Saturn is called.

Now: The obvious question is: “So what’s new?”. Many interesting new features have been added.

  • Wiki2LaTeX now has its own tab in your settings page of Mediawiki. There you can change what Wiki2LaTeX should do in your opinion.
  • Wiki2LaTeX can now parse div and span tags. This is how it works: You need to tell W2L what it should do, if it encounters a specific CSS-class. There are some more detailed comments in the issue tracker or in the docs directory. Nesting divs or spans are not supported.
  • Some bugs have been fixed, some UI changes have been made.

A comprehensive list of fixed bugs is available in docs/changes.txt. The support of div and span brings one small drawback: If you wrote your own extension dealing with divs or spans that extension might not work anymore. The good news is, that it should be simple, to adapt your code to the new way divs and spans are treated – it should be a matter of minutes. There are several examples in the docs. Check out the w2lExampleFunctions.php file as well. These examples should give you a good impression of what’s possible.

The last days brought some changes to the Issue tracker on Google Code: You can now post your (support) questions directly into it. All questions get labeled with “Support”. In this way we get a nice Support database.


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