The Road Ahead

So it’s been a while, since W2L got a new version. Today I packed together everything we have in trunk and released the current state as v.0.10 (RC). It should be stable and should not contain any big showstoppers. This being said, I didn’t test it as well as I should, so it’s just an RC. In some two weeks I will have taken my B.A. exam, and afterwards the real W2L 0.10 will be published. But as I don’t know if it gets August or later, now, well here it is.

What’s new? Well, there are some bugfixes, and some usability-improvements. Internally, there have been some rewritings of some function to make them a bit more bulletproof.

Updating should be quite easy: Backup First! Then just replace your old files and you should be done. No config changes or what so ever.

You can download the new version on the Project Site. Have fun with it.

Here is the incomplete changelog:
* Added Interwiki-Link support
* Added <blockquote>-support
* Added more HTML-Entities
* Added some special chars
* Added Ukrainian Language
* Fixed several bugs
* Reworked code which deals with links
* All sent filenames are now the pagename
* w2lConfig.sample.php now contains a list of all known to work contributions.


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