Wiki2LaTeX and Mediawiki 1.18

So there seems to be a problem with Wiki2LaTeX and Mediawiki 1.18. If you get this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method SiteStats::admins() in [some path]/extensions/w2l/w2lCore.php on line 556
… please take a look at that very file and either remove it or make this line a comment by adding // to the beginning of line 556.

Result: The only downside of this method is that now the Magic Word {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} will not be working anymore. If this is a dealbreaker, you can check out the corresonding line in the current version of W2lCore.php here and replace the old one. Please don’t replace the whole file with the new one, as that might lead to compatibility-issues.

Sorry for the inconvinience. At the moment I am not able to finish up a new version which fixes this bug. Rest assured, that a new version with some bugfixing and featurework done will be out as soon as possible.


A New Wiki2LaTeX Release: Aegaeon: 2011-02-22

Yeah, that’s right: Starting with today Wiki2LaTeX changes its version scheming. Every release is now called by a Saturn Moon and by its release date. The old scheme had its purpose when W2L was in its beta stages. Then again jumping from 0.11 to 0.12 seemed odd and a jump to 1.0 would have been too much. So it felt natural to call it like a moon of Saturn is called.

Now: The obvious question is: “So what’s new?”. Many interesting new features have been added.

  • Wiki2LaTeX now has its own tab in your settings page of Mediawiki. There you can change what Wiki2LaTeX should do in your opinion.
  • Wiki2LaTeX can now parse div and span tags. This is how it works: You need to tell W2L what it should do, if it encounters a specific CSS-class. There are some more detailed comments in the issue tracker or in the docs directory. Nesting divs or spans are not supported.
  • Some bugs have been fixed, some UI changes have been made.

A comprehensive list of fixed bugs is available in docs/changes.txt. The support of div and span brings one small drawback: If you wrote your own extension dealing with divs or spans that extension might not work anymore. The good news is, that it should be simple, to adapt your code to the new way divs and spans are treated – it should be a matter of minutes. There are several examples in the docs. Check out the w2lExampleFunctions.php file as well. These examples should give you a good impression of what’s possible.

The last days brought some changes to the Issue tracker on Google Code: You can now post your (support) questions directly into it. All questions get labeled with “Support”. In this way we get a nice Support database.

Wiki2LaTeX 0.11 released

Yes, that’s right. Far too many changes went into Wiki2LaTeX in the last week, so this release is called 0.11. Check out all the changes in the version history.

Most interesting changes:

  • Changed export options from radio buttons to clickable buttons. Saves you possibly one click and as the new buttons are also on top, it safes you at least one scroll operation 🙂
  • W2L now parses plain links in an article.
  • Added Polish (thx to: Szymon Tarnowski) and German translation
  • Adds compatibility with the new Vector theme.

As always there are some minor changes and some bugfixes.

Important Note:
This release needs some configuration changes (especially on older installations):

  • Removed ((WikiContent)) in LaTeX-Templates. Replace it with: ((W2L_CONTENT))
  • Removed support for old config-arrays $w2l_config and others. This only affects very old installations. Change them in your config files as such:
    • $w2l_config to $w2lConfig;
    • $w2l_tags to $w2lTags;
    • $w2l_pFunctions to $w2lParserFunctions;
  • Removed reference-support from w2lDefaultConfig.php. Reactivate it by adding include(‘contrib/ref.php’); to your own w2lConfig.php
  • Added $frame to tag-definitions (which is submitted by MW 1.16). Has no meaning at this point in W2L. This change (should not but) might break any tag extension. In case of errors please check, if the function definition matches the one given in the docs.

The last change only applies to your custom XML-Style-Parser-Extensions. All parser tags of W2L have been updated.

After you made sure, that these config changes are applied you can just replace the old files.

As soon as the online documentation is up to date, I think there will be a new release, which finally removes the beta-tag from Wiki2LaTeX. W2L 1.0 is clearly soon to be released, so please report any bug you find.

Have fun with this new version of Wiki2LaTeX.

Wiki2LaTeX 0.10rc2 released

It’s been a while, but here it is: Wiki2LaTeX 0.10rc2 is now available.

It fixes several bugs and adds compatibility to Mediawiki 1.16. No support for the new Vector-Theme (which is coming soon). Update procedures have not been changed: Just overwrite your old files and you’re good to go.

In other news: Wiki2LaTeX now uses Mercurial instead of SVN. Have fun with it 🙂

Edit: Especially check this out: Server-side Clones of a mercurial-repository

The Road Ahead

So it’s been a while, since W2L got a new version. Today I packed together everything we have in trunk and released the current state as v.0.10 (RC). It should be stable and should not contain any big showstoppers. This being said, I didn’t test it as well as I should, so it’s just an RC. In some two weeks I will have taken my B.A. exam, and afterwards the real W2L 0.10 will be published. But as I don’t know if it gets August or later, now, well here it is.

What’s new? Well, there are some bugfixes, and some usability-improvements. Internally, there have been some rewritings of some function to make them a bit more bulletproof.

Updating should be quite easy: Backup First! Then just replace your old files and you should be done. No config changes or what so ever.

You can download the new version on the Project Site. Have fun with it.

Here is the incomplete changelog:
* Added Interwiki-Link support
* Added <blockquote>-support
* Added more HTML-Entities
* Added some special chars
* Added Ukrainian Language
* Fixed several bugs
* Reworked code which deals with links
* All sent filenames are now the pagename
* w2lConfig.sample.php now contains a list of all known to work contributions.

Wiki2LaTeX in 2009

There won’t be any updates to W2L in the next two months. This is mostly because I’m taking my B.A. in Literature Studies this spring so I don’t have much time to spend on this project.

But when I’m finished with my B.A. there will be a new version of W2L, which contains some fixes for several bugs and adds some features like Interwiki-Links.

I hope I can move forward to W2L 1.0 in April or May, depending on how much bugs I introduce and/or fix.

So the project is still alive and will be at least the next few years as I do use W2L on a private Wiki to do all my university stuff.

So if you find any bugs, please report them to the issue tracker on Google Code.

Wiki2LaTeX v.0.9.2

This release fixes some bugs which where quite annoying and made graphics and .tex-file export rather useless. These bugs are fixed now.

One user sent in a patch which takes the current table support to a whole new level: The latexfmt-attribute (which was necessary up to this point) is now generated automagically.

Have fun with this release and please report errors or any other ideas to the issue tracker or in a comment to this article.

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